NIE, Identity numbers

NIE, Identity numbers

The N.I.E. is an identification & tax number for foreigners in Spain. It stands for “Número de Identidad de Extranjero” which translates as Identification number for foreigners.
The N.I.E. is a necessity when you want to live, work of purchase a property in Spain. The number is only valid for 3 months in which time you have to either apply for a “Residencia” or register as a “Non-Resident”.
Depending on what you need your N.I.E. for, there will be different requirements (which often change) for the process of application.
The N.I.E. is processed through a Spanish police station, where a good knowledge of the Spanish language is essential. So if you are not fluent, we suggest taking a translator along with you. (We provide this within our service package with no extra charge.) It’s also a good idea that you check up on current requirements, as they can change from week to week, before you go so as not to be turned away after waiting in the long queue. (again we would check for you). The whole process will take anything from 2 days to a week, depending on how busy they are. When applying with us, we do all the running around for you.
If you are on the island we would take you to the station to put the application in, this would be done in the space of a morning. After this we would do the rest and just contact you when we have collected it and it is complete.
If you aren’t on the island, we can do exactly the same but via a “Power of Attorney” where we would act on your behalf.
If your N.I.E. expires while looking for a property to purchase or are in a process of purchasing, we can reapply for it on your behalf with a “Power of Attorney”

Reasons to have an N.I.E.
> Buying a property in Spain (if there is more than 1 buyer for the property, all parties need an N.I.E.)
> Renting a property for longer than 3 months
> Foreigner wanting to become a resident
> Buying a car
> Utility contracts (Water, Electric, Phone, Internet)
> Register with a doctor
> Pay taxes

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